Teaching individuals how to embody authentic confidence.

Life Identified is here to inspire others to explore and identify their skills, talents, gifts, and strengths for the purpose of promoting confidence from the inside out. The group empowerment sessions provide life skills that can be utilized in every area of life, to include both professional and personal. The Life Identified Blog offers encouragement and life hacks in the areas of faith, fashion, career, and mental health.




An image consultation is the initial meeting where you will share your vision and/or concern regarding your future event or group empowerment session. The consultation typically lasts for half an hour and at the end we will have a game plan for how we intend to move forward. Consultations are provided for those interested in hosting group empowerment sessions.


Group empowerment sessions come in so many different forms and can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization or business. These sessions can be utilized by colleges, universities, public school systems, corporations, and organizations. Some group empowerment topics include:

  • Self-esteem

  • Confidence

  • Identity

  • Self-Worth & Value

  • Professional & Social Etiquette

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Interview Etiquette & Dressing for Success

  • Self-care & Self-awareness


“Fashioned in Confidence is not merely the physical appearance of an individual, but it is an assurance, a certainty that one carries with them mentally and spiritually; which, results in bold moves, positive thinking, edifying language, purpose-filled actions, and an identity that is sure of itself. This confidence does not rely on his/her circumstances to make them feel secure, accomplished, pretty/handsome, or joyful, instead, their confidence comes from within and shines on the outside. Lastly, this confidence does not compete with others, but stands to applaud others that are attempting great things.”

– Nolie Burns, CEO of Life Identified Image Consulting